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Why people are gay

Than a Three Dollar Bill

Sexuality is responsible for the reproduction of all organisms in the Plant and Animal Kingdom. Most Plants and Animals including humans employ Sexual Reproduction.  In Sexual Reproduction two separate sexes combine their DNA to make an offspring. This offspring contains half of its DNA from each parent and is a mixture of the two. There is another form of sexuality as well, called Asexuality. In Asexual Reproduction the DNA of offspring are 100% copies of its parents genes. Asexual reproduction is usually performed by Single Celled organisms and Plants. However, many Animal Species can and do reproduce asexually. It seems to me by understanding nature we can better understand humans and our human sexualities.

Most species of reptiles reproduce sexually, but in many species of reptiles they reproduce by means of asexual reproduction. In some reptile species they often have very few or no males at all. Some reptile species are Hermaphroditic and have both male and female parts. Others species such as the Whiptails have no males at all and reproduce by what is called Parthenogenesis from the Greek word meaning “Virgin Birth”. It is being discovered that a majority of snake breeds can Parthenogenesis in the right conditions. Many sexual reproductive species can be both sexual and still have Parthenogenetic births. Some species like the Komodo Dragon have ‘’went back” to sexual reproduction after a Parthenogenetic birth. Scientists believe this Parthenogenesis form of reproduction may have given the reptiles a better chance at colonizing new islands. Reptiles and Serpents were known in the ancient times for their virgin births in more ways than one.

 The Reptile species that are known to Parthenogenesis usually have one thing in common, they are Inter-Species hybrids. They are the children of two different kinds of animals that have mated to make a new kind. Parthenogenesis occurs in these animals as a result of what is known as Intragenomic Conflict. Intragenomic Conflict occurs when two mating partners share DNA that does not line up well with the others. Two separate species mating together is understandably a cause of Intragenomic Conflict because they are two separate species. Many times there is so much Intragenomic conflict that these Inter-Species Hybrids are unable to viably reproduce offspring.

We do know that the ZW Chromosome System of Reptiles allows them to hybridize with other species and produce viable offspring in a very effective manner. This Chromosome System makes it the perfect animal to hybridize with other species. In this system the female’s egg decides the sex of the offspring. When females are born through Parthenogenesis they can only produce females after that because of the way the ZW Chromosome System works.

 Some animals such as the mule which is created by mating horses and donkeys cannot reproduce viable offspring because they do not have an even number of chromosomes, which is an Intragenomic Conflict. When the Chromosomes don’t line up it is impossible for Cell Division to occur. Just because two animals have equal chromosomes does not mean that they will automatically blend together perfect either. Whenever two distinct species mate it seems there is a possibility for Intragenomic Conflict.

When two species hybridize to make a third they are able to do this as a result of having similar DNA. If they were too different they could not successfully reproduce. Two species could have been one species in the past but over time they become distinct. When two groups of the same species are separated by distance and natural barriers they can become their own seperate species. This process of becoming a new species is called Speciation. Speciation can come through natural selection or controlled breeding. When two species hybridize to make a third species it is rare for that new species to attain Speciation but it does happen. The difficulty lies in the fact that males in Inter-Species Hybrid lines will often be infertile or effeminized. Therefore the female must be mated back into the line of one of her Parent Species to produce males that are reproductively viable.

Viable offspring of an inter-species hybridization often gain attributes from both species that make the new species thrive. The Caucasian Rock Lizards of the Darevski Genus have six forms of Parthenogens that became more advanced than both of their parent species. Their prosperity caused the decline of its parent species by thriving in the parent species’ original natural habitat. When a Hybrid Species becomes superior in fitness to its Parent Species scientists call this Heterosis. Some believe that all hybrids are superior to their parent’s species. I do not believe that is the case. Clearly a Mule is not superior to a Horse or a Donkey. In the case of humans it is believed modern man came into existence as a result of Heterosis between the two species of Cro-Magnon Man and Neanderthal Man. This new Man had gained the strengths of both lines and became strong.

Another thing common to the reptile species that Parthenogenesis, is homosexuality. In many species that Parthenogenesis you will see large amounts of homosexual behavior. I have deduced that Inter-Species Hybridization causes the Parthenogenesis to occur within the new species as a result of the Intragenomic Conflict that results from Inter-Species Hybridization. This same Intragenomic Conflict is what causes the homosexuality to occur in these animals. In the all female Whiptail species, a species that is the result of Inter-Species Hybridization, the females require another female to help reproduce. A female will mount another female in the fashion of the male mating ritual, which helps to release the hormones needed to reproduce. Many lizards and snake species have documented evidence of homosexual activity. In some of these species they have one male for every twenty or so females.  Sometimes the males become effeminized. Sometimes lizards like the Komodo Dragon are bi-sexual but mostly heterosexual. This sliding scale of sexuality is brought about by genes called Segregation Distorters which create Meiotic Drive bringing about distortions in Sex Ratios. Whichever parent is the carrier of this gene will have a higher probability of having children of the same sex. This is how whole species of lizards can become asexual females.

When someone is a baby it is said that they have Mama’s Eyes or Daddy’s nose because babies inherit genetic traits from both parents. Suppose in an Inter-Species relationship that the offspring get the mother’s male hormone maker and the daddy’s female hormone maker. Since they are different species they may have different sized hormone glands. I can see how this could become a problem in Inter-Species Hybridization.

            When compared to the Parthogenic and Homosexual reptiles you see many commonalities with Rh- people. The most important of these to understand is that Rh- people are indeed a separate species of human, and many people are hybrids of both species of humanity. Rh- women build up antibodies against rh+ blood after the first baby is born in the same way that a horse builds up antibodies after hybridizing one time with a donkey to make a Mule. This also happens when you breed a Lion and A Tiger to make a Liger. This occurrence is called Infant Haemolytic disease in humans. This is one glaring scientific fact that proves that Rh- people are a separate species.

            It is apparent to me that Intragenomic Conflict does occur between people with Rh- and Rh+ bloodlines. These Intragenomic conflicts between Rh+ and Rh- individuals is most likely the cause of several disorders that affect primarily the males in a mixed Rh- and Rh+ line. These disorders include Autism, Haemophilia, Color Blindness, Webbing, Dyslexia, and Effeminization/Homosexuality.

In the famous Indiana University Kinsey Reports found about 10% of American males to be exclusively homosexual. Females were said to be anywhere from 2% to 6% exclusively homosexual. That could mean that males are up to five times more likely to be homosexual. Many such studies have come up with similar figures.

            A study conducted by the Department of Sociology at Minot State University in North Dakota detected ‘’unusually high’’ levels of homosexuals with Rh- blood when compared to heterosexuals. They suggested that a connection may exist between sexual orientation and genes on chromosome 9 and on chromosome 1, the chromosome which determines Rh factor. It is my own personal belief that Rh- Bloodline people are indeed more androgynous. The men are more feminine and the women more masculine.  This is probably the result of Intragenomic Conflict as a result of Inter-Species Hybridization and between Rh- and Rh+ humans.

            I have no scientific study to back up these claims at this time but I believe there are many more Rh- women than Rh- men. I confess that this claim is only backed up by my limited interaction with people on the internet. These numbers I have seen could possibly be skewed because of more women being aware of their bloodtype due to pregnancy issues. However, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of more Rh- women than Rh- men. This is similar to lizard populations that have been effeminized via hybridization.

The reason that the Segregation Distorters in humans have such a limiting effect on the males and the genes are carried on the male side is because of the way the Human Chromosome System works. Men have X and Y Chromosomes. Women have two X Chromosomes. If an Intragenomic Conflict transfers a defect onto a male X Chromosome he will be afflicted by whatever disorder. If one X Chromosome of a female has a problem she has an extra to replace it with. This then makes her a carrier of the gene that she then passes onto her male children.

 Many people have mixed Rh- and Rh+ ancestry. Some Rh+ people are carriers of the Rh- genes because they are hybrids of Rh- and Rh+ together. Some Rh- people are also carriers of the Rhesus factor because they are hybrids. Since both groups of humans have the same number of chromosomes they can successfully hybridize. Humans cannot mate with other primates like the Apes because they are too dissimilar. Because Apes have a larger number of chromosomes humans cannot successfully hybridize with them. However humans with Rh- blood and humans with Rh+ blood are similar enough to hybridize and produce viable offspring because we have the same number of Chromosomes. Up to 40% of Western Europeans are carriers of the Rh- genes, while around 15% are Rh-. Perhaps this mixing of two kinds is causing Intragenomic Conflict.

 Homosexuality has it highest levels in countries where these two separate species have interbred the most. In countries such as the USA, Israel, France, and the UK where the elite have high levels of Rh- blood there are less severe laws against homosexuality than countries where there is an Rh+ dominance. For example in Israel, the UK and parts of the USA allow for civil unions which give homosexuals the same rights as marriage. Israel will not allow gay marriages to be performed in Israel but they will recognize foreign gay marriages conducted somewhere else. Perhaps these countries are more comfortable with homosexuality because they see it more and it seems more natural. Perhaps this is because they are Rh- & Rh+ Inter-Species Hybrids that have homosexuality in their blood. A nations laws are generally very representative of their character. If this were not true they would change the laws and make them more suitable.

In a 1995 study called “The Prevalence of Homosexual Behavior and Attraction in the United States, the United Kingdom and France” they found varying levels of homosexuality in the three countries. All three countries are primarily Western Europeans with R1b DNA, but they have this gay divide. The United Kingdom had the lowest levels of homosexuals with around 4.5% of the population having had gay sex in the last five years. The United States came in second with 6.2% of men having had homosexual intercourse within the last five years. France had over double what the United Kingdom had with 10.7% of males engaging in this behavior. Some people would say numbers like this are brought about by cultural reasons, France being a more liberal country. I believe it is due to the amount of Inter-Species Hybridization that each nation has engaged in. France has long been more of a mixed nation ever since the Roman Conquest of Gaul. France is also on Continental Europe which makes it easier for foreigners in the past and the present to travel there. In the United States it is higher than the United Kingdom for similar reasons that France is. The Caucasians of the United States have mixed ancestry in greater amounts than the United Kingdom because of the lax immigration laws and their melting pot mentality.

In countries with less Rh- blood the residents seem to be more against homosexuality. A survey conducted in Vietnam said that 82% of all Vietnamese believed that homosexuality was unacceptable. Pure Asians have very low levels of Rh- blood. Less than 1% of the Asian population has Rh- bloodlines. Nations in the heart of Africa are generally more opposed to homosexuality as well. Homosexuality is looked down upon extremely. In Uganda they have passed laws against homosexuality making it illegal and punishable by death. Perhaps these people are not hybrids and that is why homosexuality seems evil and unnatural. It just doesn’t ever enter their brains as something they would like to do, so it seems foreign and wicked. They don’t understand that homosexuality occurs in nature and that it is the result of Inter-Species Hybridization.

In ancient texts we see Historians like Herodotus that makes mention of the large number of homosexuals in Rh- tribes. Herodotus said the Rh- tribe of the Scythians/Saka/Saxons had large numbers of people they called the Enarees. The Enarees were an effeminate priest-hood of men-women who held special position within society because of their condition. Herodotus explained what he understood to be their origin;

“The Scythians next turned their attention to Egypt, but were met in Palestine by Psammeticus the Egyptian King, who by earnest entreaties supported by bribery managed to prevent further advance. They withdrew by way of Ascalon in Syria. The bulk of the army passed the town without doing any damage, but a small number of men got left behind and robbed the Temple of Aphrodite Urania – the most ancient, I am told, of all the temples of this goddess. The one in Cyprus the Cyprians themselves admit was derived from it. The one in Cythera was built by the Phoenicians, who belong to this part of Syria. The Scythians who robbed the Temple of Ascalon were punished by the goddess with the infliction of the “female disease”, and their descendants still suffer from it. This is the reason the Scythians give for this mysterious complaint, and travelers to the country can see what it is like. The Scythians call those who suffer from it “Enarees”.

Hippocrates the famous Greek Physician called “the Father of Medicine” spoke of the Enarees and the Scythian sexuality as well;

“…and  in addition to these, there are many eunuchs among the Scythians, who perform female work  and speak like women .Such persons are called effeminates. The inhabitants of the country attribute the cause of their impotence to a god. And venerate and worship such persons, everyone dreading that the like might befall himself; but to me it appears  that such affections are just as much divine as all others are, and that no one disease is either more divine or more human than another, but that all are alike divine, for that each has its own nature, and that not one arises without a natural cause. But I will explain how I think that the affection takes its rise. From the continued exercise on horseback they are seized with chronic defluxions in their joints owing to their legs always hanging down below their horses; they afterwards become lame and stiff at the hip joint, such of them, at least, as are severely attacked with it. They treat themselves in this way; when the disease is commencing, they open the vein behind either ear, and when the blood flows, sleep, from feebleness, seizes then, and afterwards they awaken, some in good health and others not. To me it appears that the semen is altered by the treatment, for there are veins behind the ears which, if cut, induce impotence; now these veins would appear to be cut. Such persons afterwards, when they go in to women and cannot have connection with them, at first do not think much about it, but remain quiet; but when, after making the attempt two, three, or more times, they succeed no better, fancying they have committed some offence against the god they blame for the affection, they put on female attire, reproach themselves for effeminacy, play the part of women, and perform the same work as women do. This the rich among the Scythians endure, not the basest, but the most noble and powerful, owing to their riding on horseback; for the poor are less affected, as they do not ride on horses, And yet, if this disease had been more divine than others, it ought not to have befallen the most noble and the richest of the Scythians alone, but all alike, or rather those who have little, as not being able to pay honors to the gods, if indeed, they delight in being thus rewarded by men, and grants favors in return; for it is likely that the rich sacrifice more to the gods, and dedicate more votive offerings, in as much as they have wealth, and worship the gods; whereas the poor, from want, do less in this way, and, moreover, upbraid the gods for not giving them wealth, so that those who have few possessions were more likely to bear the punishments of these offences than the rich. But, as I formerly said, these affections are divine just as much as others, for each springs from a natural cause, and this disease arises among the Scythians from such a cause as I have stated. But it attacks other men in like manner, for whenever men ride much and very frequently on horseback, then many are affected with rheums in the joints, sciatica, and gout, and they are inept at venery. But these complaints befall the Scythians, and they are the most impotent of men for the aforesaid causes, and because they always wear breeches, and spend most of their time on horseback, so as not to touch their privy parts with the hands, and from the cold and fatigue they forget the sexual desire, and do not make the attempt until after they have lost their virility. Thus it is with the race of the Scythians.

It is important to notice that the Enarees were often born among the upper classes of Scythian society. These are the classes of society where Rh- would be mixing with Rh+ the most.

            Other legends that allude to the large homosexual population of the Scythians were the tales about the Amazon Warriors. These sword swinging ladies were a tribe of lesbians that interbred with the Scythians. They were known for cutting off one breast so they could shoot a bow better. The Amazons descendants, the Sarmatians were known for their women fighting in war alongside the men. Hippocrates noted that the Scythian women had the most reproductive problems among all the races. Even to this day pure Negroid and Mongoloid countries have the highest birth rates. The Caucasoid nations typically have the fewest number of births. Many women in the USA go to specialized Doctors to deal with their infertility problems.

Many mixed Caucasian peoples of the ancient world like Romans, Greeks, Persians and Jews were known for their homosexual ways. In Greece most young males would take on a mentor that would be their sexual partner and friend. The older men would show their “Pederasts” the ropes of Greek society. Zeus the King of the Gods was said to have had a homosexual relationship with the boy Ganymede. It seems homosexuality played an important role in Greek culture. Is it possible that the stories about the gods being gay were ancient stories reflecting the homosexuality actually witnessed among the “Gods” by ancient people? The Romans and Persians are well known for their perversions. The Catholic Church dominated all of Europe for millennia and has long been associated with homosexuality. In the old Hebrew stories of the Fallen Angels it is told that when the Angels came down and mixed with the Daughters of Men, they increased licentiousness and perversion. All throughout the Bible Israel is dealing with its Homosexual Problem. King Josiah was praised for killing and deporting them. Perhaps these homosexuals kept popping up due to Israel’s large Inter-Species hybrid population. The Zohar, one of the most important books in Judaism, speaks of Israel being hybridized with the “Serpent Seedline”. Indeed they are.

It’s crazy to think about but nature rewards inbreeding in many ways. Many dog breeders often “line breed” to make purer blood and better dogs. The Royalty and the Aristocracy of Rh- tribes and nations are the most inbred of all the Rh-‘s. This would in a way put them even further away genetically from Rh+’s. High levels of Rh- would then indeed be in the blood of the rich as well. A lot of the breeding goes on with the peasants so there is much mixture around the upper classes. This is why Hippocrates spoke of the Enarees being born to the rich and powerful. To this day it is the elite classes that push for greater acceptance of homosexuality. Many Kings of the British Isles have been known to be homosexuals. Rumors have circulated for years that Charles future King of England is a homosexual. You have to congratulate the elite for at least being honest with themselves, even though they cannot be honest to anyone else.

Among the nations that are populated with Hybrids there have been many legends that speak of the virgin births or miracle births. The earliest virgin birth stories we have recorded come from Sumer among the Anunnaki Gods. Dumuzi also known as Tammuz is the son of the virgin mother Inanna in the Sumerian legend. Horus is the virgin birthed son of Isis in Egypt. Krishna is the son of the virgin Devaki in India. In Greece it is Dionysus son of Semele and the God Zeus. In Persia it was Mithra son of Ahura Mazda. In China it’s Qi the abandoned son of Jiang Yuan and the supreme god Shangdi. In Mexico it was Huitzilopochtli son of Coatlicue. In modern times it is Jesus the Son of the Virgin Mary. These gods were all linked to the sun and the serpent because the sun and serpents have virgin births. In the case of many actual serpents it is due to Inter-Species Hybridization.

            All major orders of vertebrates like reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians, have been shown to have virgin births. This leads me to believe that under the right conditions that this could be possible. You might even think that it would be more likely to occur in Royal Bloodlines because of their inbreeding and Inter-Species Hybridization. This certainly is the case in many of these stories. Mary mother of Jesus had four Gentile women in her lineage, Tamar, Ruth, Rahab and Bathsheba. Buddha was born to the Royal House. The mother of Krishna was a Princess of India. Semele the mother of Dionysus was a Phoenician Princess. These virgin births seem to occur in the royal families for a reason. If the stories have any truth maybe these royals were descended from mixed RH- and Rh+ relationships that resulted in Intragenomic Conflict that resulted in a real virgin birth. Perhaps they were secluded away and became Parthenogenetic like snakes do. These tales are hard to believe but maybe they were based on a real event somewhere in the distant past. If this happened today people would be talking about it for generations

Over the years many have proclaimed to have had an Immaculate Conception, but how do you know if they are telling the truth? If a manly looking woman told me she was the mother of a miracle child I might not believe her. Until we have scientific proof, stories of real virgin births should not be enough. We need DNA evidence. We can’t prove it yet, but many scientists are speculating that under the right circumstances a human woman could give birth to a genetic clone of herself. It would be just really rare. It truly would be a miracle if it did happen but it would be explainable with science. Who is to say that these virgin birth stories aren’t based on a real event originally and that it couldn’t happen again? Perhaps homosexuality and virgin births are indeed a trait of the Hybridized Tribes of humanity.



  1. As for the Virgin birth ... if that happened ... there would be no y chromosome so it would always be a female .