Friday, March 22, 2013

The Universal Bloodline of the One World
            The blood type O Rhesus Negative (Rh-) is what hematologists call the Universal Donor. They can donate their blood to all people without risk of rejection. Other blood types such as A and B can only receive blood from like kind and O Rh-. AB Rh+ seems to be the opposite of O Rh- because it is the Universal Receiver. AB Rh+ can take blood from all the varying blood types. O Rh- is the Universal Donor to all bloodlines but can only receive blood from other people with O Rh-. This peculiar trait of the O Rh- bloodline begs the question of why. Why is the O Rh- bloodline universally accepted by all other bloodlines?
                It is my theory that human beings have codes built into them by nature that make them what they are. These codes are known to us today as blood types and DNA haplotypes. I believe these codes are programmed by God to show favor to some and contempt for others. By studying the ways  that these different codes react to each other can shine light on the inner workings of their natural mechanism. It has become apparent that people are in many ways similar to what codes they have. For example if a African is coded to have black skin he will not come out white. This is part of the natural law that does not involve free will. A Leopard cannot change his spots. Another great example is seen in the old saying of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Some codes have codes they like and some they don’t. Attraction between two people is a chemical reaction of finding each other’s genetic codes acceptable. If a person isn’t good looking to you or doesn’t pass your smell test it is probably because your codes do not match. However, someone else might believe this same person is to die for. Many friends of mine have thought some women beautiful that I did not. Free will only gets you so far. You are what you are and you like what you like.
If you examine humans based on their blood type it becomes very apparent that people often behave just like their blood cells do toward other blood cells with different codes. In many ways a person is their blood type. Proof of this is seen in the laws and attitudes of nations with high levels of certain bloodlines. For a nation’s laws are very indicative of the character of that nation’s people. If the laws were not satisfactory to a nations character they will usually change them. The law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in the United States did not last long because Americans like to party. The Arabians value obedience and chastity on the part of their people. Therefore they dress their women up in clothes from head to toe less anyone be aroused by their body. In the religion of the Jews they go before God once a year a make a prayer called the Kol Nidre. This prayer gives the Jews the approval of God to make false oaths and tell lies until they come in one year later and do the prayer again. This has been a custom of theirs for thousands of years.
If my theory is correct and people behave like their blood does and O Rh- is the Universal Donor, you would expect all blood types to be seen in exchange with O Rh-. That is the case. In the lands ruled by O Rh- you see many people from all the nations and blood groups working for the Universal Bloodline. You would also expect to see nations with O Rh- people reaching out to all other nations, which they do through international trade and invasions. Perhaps the internationalism, invasiveness, and universality of O Rh- nations is a result of having Universal Blood.
People with the O Rh- bloodline tend to be just as universal as their blood would suggest. In countries like America and Britain where the rulers and elite have historically been O Rh- they have always been the leaders against intolerance towards others. Britain and France who have both historically been ruled over by an O Rh- aristocracy were the first nations to abolish slavery. O Rh- ruled countries have constitutions that swear to treat everyone the same no matter what genetic background they come from. The people in these countries allow foreigners to live amongst them and work freely. People with O Rh- blood can usually get along with everybody and be accepted by all. I call O Rh- Liberal Blood for their universal mentality .If you look at the works of these people they seem rather universal as well.
In the distant past the original people with O Rh- were the civilizers of the world. They advanced their religion and science from one end of the globe to the other. On either side of the world you can see their Pyramids that represent the ancient One World. Authors like Edmund Marriage speak of one language among all men in the ancient days. It is apparent there was one basic religion common to all that involved the Serpent, Solar Worship, and life after death. Just like the British Empire in this last 500 years the ancient O Rh-‘s marched civilization worldwide in an attempt at universal dominion. When describing the Fall of the Atlanteans the people that we now know as O Rh- Plato said this;
“…by the continuance in them of a divine nature, all that which we have described waxed and increased in them; but when this divine portion began to fade away in them, and became diluted too often, and with too much of the mortal admixture, the human nature got the upper hand…”
Apparently the ancient One World collapsed from the O Rh- White Gods breeding with the “mortals”.
                In 1717 the Order of Freemasonry was established in England. Freemasonry is what I describe as the first modern day Universal Religion. Although the word Catholic means Universal and the Catholic Church was very much a Universal Church because of the many religions it blended, it was not truly universal because it rejected people that did not believe in Jesus. Freemasonry is the first truly universal religion because in Freemasonry everyone is free to worship what they call the Great Architect of the Universe no matter what religion they practice outside of the Lodge. A Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Scientologist, or whatever can join and pay reverence together to the creator of the universe as long as they pay allegiance and dues to the Lodge.. This Religion was developed in its earliest forms by the O Rh- bloodline and is currently headed by Prince Michael of Kent the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. It goes without saying that Prince Michael the head of Freemasonry worldwide is O Rh-.
                In 1776 British, Spanish, French, and Jewish elites who probably had O Rh- blood created the world’s first Universal Nation known to us as the United States of America. The basic belief of this nation was expressed as “all men are created equal”. A statement that means that they believe humanity is universal and all humans are basically the same. The United States motto of “E Pluribus” Unum means “out of many, one”. The United States claims to be a “New Order of the Ages”. In this New Order humanity will out of many nations become One World. All of this is unknown to many of the American Citizens who do not understand the big idea that their nation has embodied since its inception.
 Presidents of this nation speak of a New World Oder, “a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations”.  In this new world of the United States of America we see people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds living and working together as one. On any given night you could eat Chinese, Mexican, Italian, or any other kind of food because all of the nations are represented in the United States of America. The United States of America have gone out of their way to attract immigrants from around the globe. The United States of America have enacted laws against discrimination of a person’s genetic background in any way. All people of all backgrounds are welcomed there. A poem on the Statue of Liberty begs the world to send America its troublemakers.
Although the United States of America was said to have broken free of the British Royalty in 1776 we still see that America is ruled by the same elite bloodlines. It is probable that most of the United States Presidents of the past had O Rh- blood. Nearly every single President has been related to the Royal Family of Britain. In every election except one the candidate with the most royal blood has been the winner. Martin Van Buren the eighth president of the United States was of Dutch ancestry. Barack Obama the present President of the United States is not an O Rh- although he is related to two British Kings and six presidents. He still happens to have Rhesus Negative Blood, in the form of AB Rh-. Barack Obama embodies what America was really meant to be, a little bit of everything.
One way the universal nation of the United States makes it reach known into the whole globe is by its universal currency known as the Dollar. The symbol that represents the dollar also represents universality. The Dollar Sign is an emblematic representation of the serpent inter-mingling the two pillars of the Tree of Life. This symbol is intended to represent neutrality and universality. The Dollar is an internationally neutral currency for the world’s nations to use in common. The Dollar is truly the world’s first Universal Currency. Anywhere you go in the world they will take Dollars unless forbidden by law. All of the nations of the world trade oil the world’s number one commodity in Dollars. That means that these little pieces of paper allow the people of the world to exchange the world’s most demanded product in one universal form of payment. Imagine the Dollar of the future allowing John Smith of the USA to do business with Wong Chin of China with no difference in their form of currency.
The O Rh- bloodline is also responsible for establishing a One World Government. They call this institution the United Nations which is just another way of saying the United States. This is the second attempt at realizing a world government in the last one hundred years. The first attempt was an international coalition of nations called the League of Nations. It was ironically abandoned after the United States would not join the world government. Just a few years later the United States of America helped put together the United Nations. As of now the United Nations has limited power over the nations of the world. However, year by year they increase their control The International Headquarters of the United Nations is located in New York City and the United States pays for the Lion’s share of its funding. It seems that universal nation the United States, will lead us into the New World Order.
It looks like English will be the Universal Language of the future in the New World Order. It is already the international language of business and everybody knows money talks and bullshit walks. Almost One Billion people on Earth speak English and that number keeps growing in proportion. The English Language is also universal because it has used words from all the other languages. English is made up of words from many languages. English contains words from Gaelic, German, French, Spanish, and Latin. Add that to all and words from all the languages in the lands it colonized and you have more words in the English Language than any other tongue. It has double the words in its vocabulary than the nearest competitor French.
The universality of the American Culture is perhaps its greatest strength. American arts, movies, sports, television shows, and music are pervasive throughout the world. Many of the highest selling movies of countries like Russia, Japan, France, South Africa, Mexico and all places in between are films made in the United States of America.  This universal pervasiveness of American culture has already had a huge impact on the world. Women around the world are watching American television and demanding better treatment from the men. American culture with its secular ways has done much to lessen the grip of religious fanatics worldwide. The Universal Culture that it promotes by prominently displaying the worlds various cultures has lead to a greater understanding between the nations of the world. By watching Aladdin, a movie about an Arab Princess that wants to fall in love on her own, a little Arab girl can explore the idea for herself. Movies like Slumdog Millionaire have brought human rights problems in India to international attention. The world’s biggest Super-Heroes like Spider-Man and Super-Man teach children around the world about the American Dream. Recently Super-Man renounced his United States Citizenship and became a citizen of the world.
It is beyond obvious that O Rh- is a universal bloodline in many ways but that is only one of the blood types. Other blood types are not so friendly and accepting of others. Some blood types are compatible with some and incompatible with others. Blood types like A and B only accept blood types of like kind and O Rh- because it is universal.
In population where we see high levels of B Rh- like the Jews and Gypsy’s we see these people have much less universal tendencies. I call A and B blood Conservative Blood. B Rh- is the second rarest blood type with about 2% of the population belonging to this group. The Kairaite Jews of Iraq are said to have levels of up to 50% B Rh- blood. This would make Kairaite Jews the ethnic group with the highest levels of this blood. However, many other Jewish ethnicities have high levels of this blood type as well. Judaism the religion taught by the Jews teaches the Israelites are the LORD’s chosen seed and they should in no way mingle the Holy Seed with the other nations. In Judaism you cannot be considered a real Jew unless you are born of a Jewish mother. The character Esau was condemned by God for mixing his holy Jewish DNA with the Daughters of the Canaanites and the Hitttites. Throughout their law known as the Torah it frequently mentions the other people of the world in a negative light. All other nations of people who are not Jewish in origin are known all together as Gentiles or Goyim. The word Goyim is sometimes meant as referring to people who are not Jewish and also as referring to cattle. There is no doubt that the religion of Judaism is very nationalistic and the people of Israel distrustful of other nations. In their prophecies they will one day be the rulers of the entire world after the coming of their Messiah. It is said he will rule all the nations with a staff and a rod. It is said that the nation that rises against them will “utterly perish”.
In the Gypsies another tribe with high amount of A and B Rh- blood types we see the same separatist tendencies. In Romaniya the religion of the Gypsies we see outsiders labeled in the same way the Jewish people do. If you are not a Gypsy you are a Gauja, which means outsider or non-Gypsy. All humans who are not one of them are all bundled together as unclean foreigners who are physically and spiritually inferior. They have dealings with the Gauja but there are rules to be followed. They are not to reveal the oral traditions of Romaniya because the evil blood spilling Gauja cannot be trusted. This is very similar to the secret teachings and oral traditions of the Jews
The real question is why do these tribes with Non-Universal Blood Types act so opposed and aggressive to other people? Is it because B Rh- blood only accepts the Universal Donor and blood from like kind?  If you mixed B Rh- with any other blood type except O Rh- the B Rh- blood would attack the other foreign blood cells.
 Is this very small population of B Rh- opposed to outsiders because it is in their blood to be that way? If that was the case you would expect the people with B Rh- blood to be on good terms with the people with O Rh- blood because B Rh- blood is compatible O Rh- blood. This is precisely the situation that we have. As minorities living in foreign lands Tribes with high amounts of B Rh- blood tend to encounter hostility and persecution among the populations they live amongst. Jews and Gypsies have encountered the least amounts of problems and the greatest amount of success in countries ruled over by O Rh- elite. About half of the worlds Jews live in Israel and the other half live amongst the British and Americans. Both of these countries have traditionally been ruled by O Rh- Kings and Presidents. The Roma, the largest group of Gypsies live in the UK as a minority group. Many Gypsy groups are living in the United States now as well. These people probably find peace among these people because they are compatible with much of the nation’s rulers and people as a result of their bloodline.
AB Rh+ is the bloodline of the Universal Receiver. AB + is like O Rh- but the opposite. Instead of giving blood to everybody it can take blood from everybody. Universal Receiver is a great way to explain this kind of blood. People with this kind of blood have eclectic blood formed from both A and B blood types. The Ainus of Japan have the highest concentration of AB Rh- blood. They are what their blood suggests, an eclectic nation combined of Caucasoid and Mongoloid racial elements. They have received their blood from more than one kind in a universal fashion.  People with AB blood are what I call Liberal Blood like the other universal type O Rh-.  Great examples of the AB mentality would be Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Barack Obama. All three of these men are well known AB Rh-‘s. They speak of a world where everyone can coexist because everybody is the same. All three come from mixed African, Caucasian and other ethnic ancestries. They have universally received their blood from many. Do these men act like this and put forth these ideas because it’s in their blood to do so?
If you put the Blood Groups on the Tree of Life diagram it is apparent that these bloodlines are showing patterns of energy. At the highest level in the Crown Sephiroth on the Pillar of Mildness you would place O the Universal Bloodline. Mirroring that bloodline in the Kingdom Sephiroth on the Pillar of Mildness would be AB the Universal Receiver. Type A might be seen as the pillar of strength and Type B as the Pillar of Mercy or vice versa. Science has proven that all living things are made of energy. Just like electric energy blood can be positive, negative, or neutral. This would mean that blood types O and AB  are representative of the neutral energy that pervades the Universe. Bloods A and B would represent the extremities of positive and negative. That is what the Tree of Life of the White Gods can teach us about the different blood types.
The fact that all humanity is compatible with the Universal Bloodline leads one to think that there might be a reason for this peculiar circumstance. Is there a bigger picture to these interactions of coded humans? Do humans feel drawn to some, neutral toward some, and repelled by others? If O Rh- is representative of the neutral energy of the universe that would explain why it reacts with all the other what I call, Human Energy Groups in the way that it does. It seems from the dawn of history to the present this one Universal Bloodline of the One World has directed the flow of civilization worldwide, always trying to establish universal rule. In a glaringly human way these “White Gods” have brought forth the fruit of knowledge, leadership, and friendship between all humans involved. Does O RH- biologically perform a specific function involving all of humanity?  Can we not see the grove because of all the trees? I believe so.


  1. haven't done much research have you...liberal blood LOL..what about agendas?History truly shows that the world hasn't been ruled by very tolerant people..on going wars everywhere and America is our worlds greatest aggressor and have been for a while..cause of the blood? might be..but not cause of the type..if so called "jews" is a type well then it might be right...I am RH-O myself and can assure you that I am very far from being a the modern sense of liberal that is...sure I would love for us to be able to live side by side in peace with everyone but not necesseraily in the same country since I too belive we are made to live in certain areas with our own people and that makes us happy, we can relate and understand...Are RH-O special? yes we are, in that sense that we can give to everyone, pure blooded some call us, descended from our Gods? Hyperboria? well I am sure happy to look into this further

  2. Bingo the answer is in your last paragraph.. I don't know if you understand this or not. The point is the world to apply universal rule of the nature. And accept the nature.