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A The Serpent People
            Throughout the ancient world we see the symbol of the Serpent. Many scholars have been puzzled by the world wide diffusion of this monolithic symbol. Images of the World Serpent can be found from North America all the way around the world to China. Intertwining serpents were a symbol of life and death from Mesopotamia to the distant lands of Mexico. This symbol spread with the White Gods from one end of the earth to the other as a result of its religious significance to the religion of the Druids. Not only was the symbol of the Serpent very important to the Druids, they actually referred to the members of their order as Naddreds (Adder/Serpent Priests). What I have discovered is there is a reason they called themselves the Serpents. The reason is their Reptilian Genetic features.
            In the Ancient past many cultures and society would have an animal totem symbolic of their tribe, similar to the way in which we would name a sports team.  This tribe would represent themselves as the Eagles, that tribe would be the Lions. Usually the name would try to be emblematic of the spirit and culture of the people. The people historians know as the Goths are a perfect example. The word Goth is related to the word goat of today. These people called themselves Goats not only because they were goat farmers but because they looked like goats. The Gothic men usually wore long heavy beards and they would wear helmets with horns on them. They often depicted themselves as half-man half-goat Centaurs. Thus, they were the Goats. It was a very similar situation with the Serpents. The Adder was the symbol of the Druids and the Druids were Adders. The declaration of the druids said; I am a Druid, I am an architect, I am a Prophet, I am an Adder/Serpent.
            The people known as the Serpents literally appeared as serpentine to other people and possibly to themselves. They have many traits that can be associated with serpents. Whether it’s in their looks or in their ways the Serpent people were not called that for just any reason. The following is a list of commonalities these people share with serpents:
            Many people that have Rh- blood have what doctors call a Cauda. It is an extra tail-bone that may be a genetic remnant of a tail from ancient times. Certainly this can be explained as a genetic left-over from our evolution away from being apes. However, many people might have seen this as the tail of a reptile or snake.
Cleft Chin
On the bottom of most snakes’ mouth you can find a longitudinal dividing line between two large chin shield scales. This is what herpetologists call the Mental Groove. It appears to make what would like a cleft in the chin of the snake.
            Cleft Chins are a dimple that occurs on people throughout the world. It is most common in Western European peoples. It is also very common to find this trait among people in people as far away as India. It is a dominant trait that results in a fissure between the two incompletely fused halves of the Jaw. This incomplete fusion develops in the Embryonic and fetal stages of development. Some can be rather prominent and others almost unnoticeable.  It is usually more prominent in the males than it is in the females who have inherited this genetic trait.
            Not only does the Cleft Chin look very similar to the Mental Groove of a snake, it also represents a loosely connected separation in the two sides of the Jaw. Many snakes can actually disarticulate their jaw bones so as to allow eating things too big for their heads. These people with the Cleft Chin trait cannot separate their jawbones but there is a separation between them to a degree.
As a side note people with the traits of the White God’s cleft chins usually have very wide Jaws that are often recessed. This looks very similar to the wide jaws with the recessed mouth of a snake.
Snakes are known far and wide for their fangs. Often these fangs can deliver poisonous venom to subdue the prey. The Adder the totem animal of the White Gods has especially long fangs. Poisonous snakes generally have two to four fangs and several rows of regular teeth. The fangs are far more prominent and project further than the rest of the teeth. The rows of these teeth are made up of long thin razor sharp teeth.
            When compared to the teeth of the other major groups of humans the Negroids and Mongoloids, Caucasians have distinct teeth. A trained anthropologist can determine the race of a skeleton just by examining the teeth. Negroids generally have the short and wide teeth with an extra thick layer of enamel. This is because in the Negroids native continent of Africa they were accustomed to eating fruits and vegetables. The Mongoloids generally have wider and shorter teeth than Caucasoids as well. Caucasoid humans have the longest and thinnest teeth. The canine teeth of these people would have appeared very pronounced to other races of the day.  The reason for their long thin teeth with pronounced canines was to make chewing meat easier. This paved the way for better digestion of the food they were eating. Their teeth looked like the fangs of the serpent.
Cold Blood
Serpents are what scientists call cold blooded animals. Science knows these animals as Ectotherms, meaning external temperature. This category consists primarily of Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, and Insects.  All reptiles are cold blooded. Cold blooded animals have no internal mechanism for regulating the amount of heat throughout their body. Therefore, they use the sun to regulate their body temperatures. You will often see serpents sunning themselves on rocks to capture the sun’s rays. Whenever they get to hot they will move to shade enabling the serpent to control its own temperature. This form of temperature allows the animal to better conserve its energy because internal temperature regulation requires lots of energy in the form of meals to sustain. In ancient times Serpents were associated with the sun for this connection between the two.
            Lower than normal body temperature is a well known trait among people with Rhesus Negative Blood. Rhesus Negative is the bloodline I associate with the White Gods. Rhesus Negative men and women are not Ectotherms, but they do have ‘’cold blood’’. My whole life I have had a very low body temperature. My body temperature often floats between 95 degrees and 97 degrees, never 98.6. Just like reptiles my body temperature is constantly changing. This decreased body temperature probably does have the effect of conserving energy. This might have been a vital trait to have in the cold places of the world where there is little food to eat. Current understanding suggests that the lower temperatures might be the result of an increased amount of white blood cells in the body. If the white blood cells easily ward off sickness the body can run cooler, this is why many people say people with Rhesus Negative Blood are more disease resistant. This does make it seem like these people are cold blooded.
The word carnivore comes from the Latin words carne and vorare, meaning meat eaters. Serpents are what is called an Obligant Carnivore, meaning they only eat meat. You will never find a snake that eats plants. Snakes do not chew their food so they have to be able to swallow their prey whole. Their diet consists of things like small lizards, insects, frogs, and mice.
The people this book associates with the White Gods have been seen as a curiosity in the past for their carnivorous ways. Many ancient writers considered their meat eating ways a curiosity. Greek historian Herodotus described the Scythians, a tribe of White Gods in this way;
“The inhabitants of the plains, although they possess land, do not till it, but in the nomadic or Scythian fashion live on sheep and fish. Indeed, there not only is a certain mode of life common to all such peoples, of which I often speak, but their burials, customs, and their way of living as a whole, are alike,”
            “They have no agriculture, but live on meat and fish…They are milk drinkers.”
He described the Getae the people later known as the Goths in this way;
            “They sow no grain, but live on their herds, and on fish, of which there is great plenty in the Araxes River. Milk is what they chiefly drink”
Anacharsis a Scythian wise man living in 6 B.C. proclaimed;
            ”My clothing is a Scythian cloak, my shoes are the hard soles of my feet, my bed is the earth, my food is only seasoned by hunger – and I eat nothing but milk and cheese and meat.”
Strabo described the barbarians to the north this way;
            “They eat meat and milk, (and) live in wooden houses…”
Julius Caesar described these tribes in the Gallic Wars in the same way;
            “They do not live much on corn, but subsist for the most part on milk and flesh, and are much engaged in hunting.”
Clearly the tribes related to the White Gods are all predominantly meat eaters. Even to this day their descendants are the largest consumers of meat and dairy products.
            Further proof for this lies in the shape of Caucasian teeth. The Caucasian has the longest teeth of the races. Their teeth are also very thin enabling them to mince meat easier. They have pronounced canines that allow them to tear the meat more effectively. Caucasians are also the largest buyers of meat. Most Europeans have meat with almost every meal. It is said that the upper classes of Europe and America like their steaks bloody. You know what that means. Just like Serpents the White Gods were meat eaters.
            Many people associated with these Serpent People have freckles. Often these people have red hair but many people with darker shades have them as well. It gives the appearance of being spotted. Many snakes and lizards are known for being spotted. Often you will find that word in their name like the Small Spotted Lizard and the Yellow Spotted Lizard. Perhaps freckles were seen by the ancients as yet another mark of the Serpent.
Third Eye 
Salt Glands
Peeling Skin
Super Numerary Teeth
            Serpents are known for their peeling skin. Snakes routinely shed their skin to remove parasites and allow for growth. The snake begins to shed his skin by rubbing his mouth on a rough surface. They usually tear a hole large enough at the head to allow the snake to literally slip out of the old skin leaving it in one piece.
            Caucasians are known for their peeling skin as well. Whenever a human being with very little or no melanin in their skin stays in the sun for an extended period of time they get what is known as a sunburn.  The skin turns pink and red and is very sensitive to touch. It is literally a radiation burn. After a few days the skin dries out, turns into a thin white layer, and begins to peel off. Some pieces come off in rather large sections. After the skin peels the burn is gone and the skin is refreshed with a brand new layer of epidermis. People with darker skin especially Negroids do not burn and peel. Their darker skin affords them more protection from the sun’s powerful rays.
            In the ancient religions of the world the serpent was often associated with the sun. They believed that the serpents seen sunning themselves on the rocks were receiving energy from the Sun. This energy allowed them to shed their skin and become anew. This was the reason that snakes were thought to live forever. The Serpent People would shed their skin after bathing in the power of the sun as well. Scientists of today know this is the body’s way of shedding dead skin cells. The ancient people saw it as a mark of the serpent. The Druid Serpent Priests taught that at the end of this life you could shed your physical body and be born again. Their Doctrine of the Transmigration of Souls promised eternal life just like the Serpent is known for. This physical death was ultimately just a peeling of the skin for one of the Serpent People.
            All snakes are natural born swimmers. Although they have no hands or feet to paddle the water hey use their serpentine motion to ride the waves. Snakes have very long lungs. Their lungs hold more than enough air to keep them buoyant. Some snakes have been spotted many miles off the coast. Some Sea Serpents spend all their time in the water only coming up for air.
            Here we have another amazing similarity between the White Gods and snakes. Western Europeans are always the champions at the elite level of professional swimming. The physical reason is that Caucasians generally have a larger lung capacity and less dense bones than the other people of the world. A perfect example is that Africans generally have denser bones than other people. This makes their bones incredibly strong but makes it where they are not very buoyant. As a result you never see many Africans swimming at the Olympics. The lungs of Caucasians are long compared to the other peoples. Many Caucasian children begin swimming as young as 18 months old. It is something that comes natural to the Serpent People.
Horrible Vision
Snakes have horrible vision. Herpetologists say that snakes can only basically see light and darkness. They make up for their weak eyesight with other organs like their tongue and heat seeking pits, which they use to detect prey. Not to say they don’t use their eyes but they do not depend on them as much as other organs.
It is no doubt that the Caucasians have within them elements of a form of Albinism. Albinism is associated with many eye disorders. Almost always people who suffer from Albinism have very severe vision problems. It seems that vision problems have a high prevalence in Caucasian people. It is not rare in any way for people to need glasses or contacts in European Countries. Perhaps this is another trait of the Serpent People.
Widow’s Peak
            The ancient Druids referred to themselves as literal serpents. However, it was one serpent in particular that they associated with themselves, the Adder. The Adder is the only venomous snake found in Britain. The Adder lives in the northern parts of the world and is the only snake found within the Arctic Circle. They often live in the woods along tree lines. Unlike most other reptiles they do not lay eggs. They give birth to multiple live young about the size of a worm. Adders are identified by the zigzag pattern that goes down the length of its body. Another peculiar mark of the Adder is a v shaped mark that appears at the top of the head. This mark appears to give the Adder what looks like a Widow’s Peak, a trait associated with the White Gods.
            The Widow’s Peak is a v shaped pattern that occurs in the in the hairline in between the eyes. It is a dominant trait that is inherited from your mother or your father. Although widely known as a feminine trait, widow’s peaks are just as common in men. It used to be thought of as a sign of early widowhood. The Widow’s Peak is present in many ethnicities but has its highest proportions among Western Europeans with Rhesus Negative Blood.     
            It could be possible that the Druids seen the Widow’s Peak on an Adder and compared it to their people. This particular marking on an Adder very closely resembles a Widow’s Peak. Not to mention the Adder’s are found mainly in the north. The Adder Priests and their people have their origins in the north as well. The strange v shaped mark could be seen as one of the many marks of the Serpent People and their relatives.
Grasping Toes
Many people associated with these bloodlines have peculiar toes. The second toe sticks out further than the first toe. This is called Greek Foot or Morton’s Toe. The earliest sculptures from Ancient Greece would often display this feature. Scientists say that this is a genetic left-over from a grasping toe related to humanity’s primate past. It has been looked at as a sign of intelligence and royalty by many people in the past.
Humans have five fingers and five toes as a result of lizards evolving that trait many millions of years ago. Almost all Reptiles have five fingers and toes. Many lizards like the Iguana and dinosaurs like the Velociraptor would have prominent second toes. The Velociraptor like many other dinosaurs had a sharp claw on the second toe. This made the second toe stick out very prominently. Perhaps the condition we know as Greek Foot and Morton’s Toe are in actuality left-over Reptilian traits.
            Webbed fingers and toes, also known as Syndactyly, shows up in humans as well as many reptiles and amphibians. It is an abnormality that affects primarily Caucasian males. There are several different kinds of webbed hands. Sometimes fingers are even fused together. Usually when babies are born with these webbed fingers doctors will perform an operation to make the hands look more normal and appealing to the rest of humanity.
In ancient times mutations like this were seen as a blessing. It is said that the Buddha had webbed fingers up to each first knuckle. In British legends the Selkies were sea creatures that mated with humans and all their descendants have webbed feet and toes. There were many Celtic legends to explain webbed fingers and toes as a result of it being more prevalent in these peoples. It may be linked to the Rh- blood that is found among the Celtic tribes. These legends always say that the webbed fingers and toes came about as the result of two separate species hybridizing. There is no doubt the people of the ancient times would have seen these traits as reptilian.
            Many people who are related to these Serpent People have dimples. This is another example of a gene that has travelled far. The gene for dimples probably originates among the Caucasian race. These small pits on the sides of the face are very similar to heat seeking pits on the sides of many snakes’ heads. It seems to me whenever it gets cold outside my dimples do feel a little bit colder than the rest of my face. Perhaps this is a reptilian trait as well.
Cervical Ribs
                        A cervical rib is another name for a neck rib. They occur in vertebrates particularly in reptiles. The cervical ribs act as support and protection.  In the distant past all vertebrates had ribs on every vertebra. However, mammals have ribs only on the thoracic (chest) vertebrae and not the neck. In snakes, ribs protect the entire body. King Cobras are known for their elongated cervical ribs. When the King Cobra feels threatened it flattens out its cervical ribs to open up flaps of skin that create the “hood” effect.
            Despite the fact that almost every mammal does not possess cervical ribs some human beings do. In humans the cervical rib is known as a supernumerary rib. It is located on the seventh cervical vertebra. It is known as a congenital abnormality. The cervical rib in humans is located above the first rib. Usually people that possess cervical ribs only have a single extra rib. Only one in five hundred people have this extra neck rib. Although in some very rare cases people have been known to have two. This abnormality has been connected to people with Rhesus Negative Blood.
 In the Greek chapter I discuss that it is probable that Alexander the Great had this abnormality as a cause of his cervical deformity. I believe I am the fist author to arrive at this conclusion. Alexander was said to be the offspring of a god in the form of a serpent, making Alexander the Great one of the Serpent People.
Many Different Colors
            Many serpent species will have multiple colors of the same type of snake. Sometimes the males will be a different color than the females. A great example of this can be found in the Adder. The males of the Adder species are usually a grayish color and the females are a reddish brown. However you will also see some adders that are dark black. In the past the people of Britain probably noticed that some adders were black and others had a reddish color. They probably related this to the red hair that was found among their people. This could have been another reason the ancient ones called themselves the Adders/Serpents.
            Among the ancient populations of the Caucasian nations there were people with many different colors of hair, eyes, and shades of skin. In the tribes this book associates with the White Gods you will see red hair, brown hair, black hair, and blonde hair. You will see blue eyes, green eyes, yellow eyes, violet eyes, and brown eyes. You will see shades of skin from albino white to dark tan. This is a result from a low amount of melanin produced in these people. Sometimes as in the case among albino’s they will not produce any melanin at all. Albinism is seen in many animals but has high rates in human Caucasoids, probably as a result of their already low levels of melanin.
            Right before snakes begin to shed their skin a very peculiar thing happens. Before shedding a snake’s eyes will turn blue. This happens as the dead cells on the Eye Cap of the snake begin to shed. After the Snake sheds its skin the eyes return to their original color. People may have connected this born again snake with the baby blue eyes the majority of Caucasian children are born with. This may be where the Twice-Born Aryan title came from. Since the druids believed in reincarnation it appeared that when the Serpent People were re-born they had blue eyes just like the other snakes.
Sleeps With Eyes Open
            All snakes and most Reptiles sleep with their eyes open. Snakes sleep this way because they do not have eyelids they have a single transparent scale that protects their eye from harm. Many reptiles do not have eyelids and the ones that do still often sleep with their eyes open. Herpetologists believe this is a defense mechanism that alerts them to predators. Snake and Reptiles have a built in alarm system.
            Ever since I was a young boy my friends and family tell me how creepy it is that I sleep with my eyes open. I of course never notice because I am asleep. Doctors call the condition of sleeping with your eyes mot fully closed Lagophthalamos. Some forms of this disease come as a side effect from plastic surgery. Some people have eye problems as a result of their eyes drying out. However, I have never noticed any problems with my eyes as a result of this. From my own limited study I have noticed that this occurs in people of mainly Western European descent. There is anecdotal evidence that this runs in families. We have not yet identified the gene though. Perhaps it is due to the large eyeball size of the people that it primarily affects, tribes associated with the Serpent People.         
Built For Starving
            Herpetologists have long known that Snakes can live without eating for a long period of time. Snakes that live in the wild have been known to survive for up to two years without eating a single meal. The snake has three reasons that it is capable of doing this. First, the snake’s body builds up fat reserves so as to have food when there is none available. The Snakes then burn the fat for energy during times of starvation. The fat reserves are the first energy in the body to be burned. The second reason, snakes digest their own organs when lacking any other source of nutrition. The third is snakes can control their metabolic rate. This intentional slowing of the metabolism allows the snake to burn less energy in it’s down time. They can lower their metabolic rate by up to 70%. The amazing thing is even when they are starving and lowering their metabolism they still continue to grow.
            From my own limited studies I have deduced that the humans that store the most fat are Caucasoids and Mixed Caucasoids. It is not often that you see a full blooded Negroid or Mongoloid that is overweight. The Caucasian mixes in places like Mexico, China, and India are not considered Caucasians by most laymen but they are carrying these genes anyway. The African-Americans are said to be carrying up to 30% Caucasian genes. This is one of the reasons why blacks in the USA tend to be fatter than full blooded black Africans. The top ten fattest countries in the world are usually Arab or European countries. The countries with the thinnest people are usually African or East Asian nations. This collection of body fat would have helped the ancient Caucasians survive the long winters of the north, just like serpents.
            Although many Doctors deny it, some humans are capable of controlling their metabolism. Medical books describe the adrenaline glands as part of the involuntary Sympathetic Nervous System. This means that people are not supposed to be able to control this function of their body. I myself can control this function of my body. At any time I can pump Adrenaline throughout my body. It increases my blood pressure, pulse, and dilates my eyes. It is a pleasurable feeling that produces instant energy throughout your entire body. I can even direct the energy wherever I want within my body, like my hands or feet.  Doctor’s don’t have a name for this condition nor do all of them accept its existence. I have met a few other people that have this same mutant power. All of these people were fellow carriers of the Rhesus Negative Antigen. When brought to the attention of these people they assumed everybody could do this. My father thought I was crazy when I told him most people couldn’t do it. It is said that Buddha masters train for years to acquire this sort of skill, while some are just born with it. This is possibly the original idea behind the Kundalini Serpent of Hinduism and Buddhism.
Adrenaline relaxes muscles in your stomach and speeds up the conversion of Glycogen into Glucose (Blood Sugar). The effect is that your body slows its digestion and shoots Glucose to your muscles as a way of increasing your power. Digestion is not needed in times of the fight or flight response associated with normal adrenaline releases. The relaxing of the stomach muscles allows swifter elimination of food within your digestive system. Studies have shown that adrenaline can increase weight loss. Just like a snake the Serpent people can control their metabolism.
Since the English language is a mixture of the major languages of Europe like Gaelic, German, French and Latin, it should be looked at as the definitive Western European language. The English language is known to consist of over 500,000 words. Its nearest competitors are German with 200,000 words and French with 100,000. The reason for this large amount of words is because the British have an inclusive language that borrows words that they have picked up on their travels throughout the entire world.
            This one may be stretching it just a little bit, yet it is funny none the less. In many foreign countries where people speak different languages they sound strange to us. Chinese people sound like “ching chong ping pong” to a non Chinese person. When asked about what the English language sounds like, foreigners usually say that English sounds like the hissing of snakes. There may be a reason why these people sound like serpents.
 In the English language the letter that begins more words than any other is the letter S. Nearly half of the words in the English language end in e, t, d, and s. No doubt that if you combined the words that end in SH and S into one group that would be the most common letter to end an English word. The frequent use of the Sss sound that the letter S makes at the beginning and ending of English words make English speakers sound like hissing snakes. Have you ever noticed that the letter S in the English alphabet resembles a serpent? Maybe these people hiss whenever they talk because they just happen to be the Serpent People.
Forked Tongues                  
Snakes are known for having forked tongues. A forked tongue is when a tongue is split into two distinct ends called tines. They use the tips of their tongues to smell the air around them. This is the reason snakes are constantly sticking their tongues out. As a result of having two tips they can tell which direction smells are coming from, increasing the amount of prey they catch. The snake uses this form of prey detection even more than it uses its eyes.
            Many humans have forked tongues as well. People commonly know this genetically inherited trait by the name of tongue rolling. People who can do this can roll their tongue into a tube. Some people can even make the rarer tongue position known as the clover tongue. At any time someone with this trait can move either side of their tongue. It’s like there is a forked tongue that has been joined together but each side retains its independence. Just like the trait of fat collection, tongue rolling is present in many tribes of Caucasian and mixed Caucasian descent. It is a dominant trait so it is easily brought into the genetic fold wherever it goes. It is said that 65% of the population is capable of rolling their tongues. Before some of the larger Caucasian migrations into Europe, Africa, and Asia it is likely less people were capable of this. This gene has its origins in the Serpent People with the forked tongues.
Homosexuality and Virgin Births
Origins of the Serpent People in Myth and Legend
            In many ancient myths and legends of the people of the world there are tales told of men that had the blood of the Serpents. In myths from all over the world you will see people that are half serpent and half human. All of the big name ancient civilizations from one end of the world to the other share this motif in common. Sometime these beings will have the head of a serpent and the body of a man or the head of a man with serpents for legs. In some legends these people look just like a slightly reptilian you and me. In other legends we have had handed down there are whole tribes of people that have the serpent heritage. Perhaps there is more to these myths than fantasy.
            In many ancient cultures the gods and heroes were often depicted as part snake. In the earliest legends of Greece Cecrops I, the first King of Athens was known for being part snake. The meaning of his name might have meant ‘’face with a tail’’. It is said that his top half was that of a man and his bottom half was a snake. He was known for bringing civilization to the Greek people. In Egypt the serpent goddess Wadget was depicted as a woman with the head of a snake. Sobek the Crocodile headed god of Egypt should also be linked in here as well. In China Fu Xi and his wife Nuwa are depicted as humans with intertwining serpent torsos. In Mexico Quetzalcoatl could take the form of a serpent and a man. This is a common motif around the world.
            In many legends ancient historians spoke of entire nations of the serpent people. In the Bible and other traditions of Judaism the serpent people take the form of the Sons of Cain. In this tradition the Sons of Cain are primarily represented by the Amalekites the most fearsome and hated of the enemies of Israel. According to the Bible they are literal people that have within them the blood of the Serpent. In the Hindu religion of India there is a race of men known as the Nagas. The Hyperboreans, the people this book links with the British, were descended from Boreas. It was said that Boreas had serpent legs and a man’s body. The origin story of the Scythians also known as the Saka was described in detail by Herodotus the Greek Historian;
            “The Greeks of Pontus give a different account of Scythia and the country beyond it. According to them, Heracles came into this part of the world, which was then uninhabited, with the oxen of Geryon. Geryon’s home was far away, on an island the Greeks call Erythea, near Gades, which lies on the ocean beyond the Pillars of Heracles. Legend says that Ocean is a great river running from the east all the way around the world; but there is nothing to prove this. When Heracles reached the country that is now Scythia, the weather was bad and it was bitterly cold, so he drew his lion skin over him and went to sleep. While he slept, the horses which he had unharnessed from his chariot and turned loose to graze mysteriously disappeared. As soon as he awoke Heracles began to look for them, and roamed all over the country until he came at last to a place called Hylaea, or the Woodland, where in a cave he found a Viper-Maiden – a creature which from the buttocks upwards was a woman, but below them a snake. For a moment he looked at her in astonishment; then asked if she had seen his mares straying around. She replied that they were in her own keeping, and promised to return them to him on condition that he lay with her. Heracles complied. The Viper-Woman, however, did not at once give him back the mares, but put off the fulfillment of her bargain in order to keep Heracles as long as possible  for her lover, though all he wanted himself was to get the horses and go. At last she let him have them, and said: “I kept these horses safe for you, when I found them here; and you have given me my reward, for I have three sons by you. Now tell me what I am to do with them: when they grow up, shall I settle them here in this country, of which I am mistress, or send them to you?” “When the boys are grown up to be men”, Heracles answered, “You will not be far wrong if you do what I will now tell you. Whichever of them you find can draw this bow as I do, and put on this girdle in the way I will show you, should be settled in this country; but any of them who fail  to do these things must be sent away. Do this, and you will not only show proper obedience to me but find happiness for yourself as well.”
              Heracles then strung one of his bows – up to that time he always carried two – and he showed her how to put on the girdle, and went away. The girdle had a little gold cup for the tongue of its buckle. When the boys grew up, their mother named the eldest Agathyrsus, the next Gelonus, and the youngest Scythes, and carried out the instructions which she remembered Heracles had given her. Two of the young men, Agathyrsus and Gelonus, failed to accomplish the task assigned to them and were therefore banished from the country by their mother; but the youngest brother Scythes, succeeded and was allowed to remain. In this way Scythes, the son of Heracles, became father of the line of Scythian Kings; and to this day the Scythians wear belts with little cups attached, in memory of the belt of their ancestor Heracles. This was the only thing the mother of Scythes did for him.
             What Herodotus had to say about the origins of the Scythian nation is very telling indeed. First and most important he equates the Scythian/Saka/Saxons with being part serpent. Indeed the Matriarch of the Scythians was half snake. This serpent blood is connected by Herodotus to the Royal Bloodline of the Scythian Kings. The Merovingian Dynasty, the ancestors of much of today’s royal families was said to descend from Merovee their legendary founder and a Sea Beast. This is another tale describing Scythian Royalty as a hybrid species.  Furthermore these men are associated with a particular cup that they all wear on their belt buckles. We have learned this cup is symbolic of the blood of the King in the form of the Holy Grail. The blood in the cup stories show up in the British Isles of today in the Arthurian Legends. Science has identified this Royal Bloodline as the blood type O Rhesus Negative, the universal donor. The symbolic drinking of Royal Blood ritual has been present in world religions at least as far back as 8,000 years ago in the Tell Halaf Period of ancient Mesopotamia. With several connections between serpent DNA and the people of the British Isles in ancient legends it is safe to say they believed themselves to be descended from serpents. Add that to the fact that the ancient Druids literally called themselves Serpents, and you will see clearly who the Serpent People are.      
Origins of the Serpent People in Science
            If we look at this bloodline of the Serpent People in the light of science we can make an attempt to trace its history. Where does this Rhesus Negative blood come from? Among what people did this phenomenon occur first? Is it a race or is it a bloodline? The objectivity of science should help to make all of these questions clear.
When placed on DNA haplotype map the R1b haplotype reaches its zenith in the British Isles. If you follow its trail it emanates from the British Isles all the way through Europe down into Africa and all the way out into the distant lands of China. Plato spoke of the Atlantean invasion of Europe, Africa, and Asia. We see the proof of this invasion by its trail of DNA carried around the world when we look at the haplotype map for the DNA strain R1b.The real question then should be, what is the origin of haplotype R1b?
            Science has learned much about blood in the last century. They have determined how the different blood groups interact with each other. This has provided doctors with a way of knowing what blood to administer to someone during a blood transfusion. As a result, lots of information and statistics have been learned about the different blood groups.
 It has been determined where the blood group known as Rhesus Negative has its highest proportions. The current understanding is the people known as the Basques living in France and Spain have the highest percentage of O Rh- blood. O Rh- is more than likely the first blood group to mutate the Rhesus Negative type. The reason for this is that O Rh- has the highest number of people out of the Rhesus Negative blood groups. It would follow that A Rh- is the first mutation from O Rh-, followed by B Rh-, and then followed by the newest and most rare blood group AB Rh-.       The newest blood groups have the least amount of Rh- carriers and the oldest groups have the most. Other than the Basques the highest proportions of O Rh- populations live amongst the Berbers and the people of the British Isles. The one thing that the Basques. Berbers, and British share in common is the DNA haplotype known as R1b. For this reason the Celtic people associated with the R1b haplotype are the genetic ancestors of all Rh- people worldwide.
            Many people speculate on the origins of the O Rh- blood group. As of right now it is my understanding that O Rh- blood comes from Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon genes. It is  more than likely true that the Cro-Magnon are descended from the Neanderthal and O Rh- and R1b carriers are descended from the Cro-Magnon. The Neanderthals disappeared around the time that Cro-Magnon appeared about 30,000 years ago. This would make most Europeans and many people from around the world related to the Neanderthals. Some humans have Neanderthal genes and some do not.
 When one thinks of this it sounds funny because we know Neanderthals to be stupid cavemen. Scientists have discovered that the average Cro-Magnon brain was 15-20% larger than modern Europeans. They could have been more intelligent back then. Cro-Magnons were inventing new things and forming the rudiments of civilization tens of thousands of years ago!
We have indentified the Serpent People as having Neanderthal blood, but where does that come from? Why do the people who have these bloodlines seem so different? Where do the Reptilian features come from? I believe it is all evolution brought about by inbreeding of recessive traits in the islands of the Atlantic. My theory goes like this. Since islands are set apart from continental landmasses, travel to and from said island is less when compared to travel by land on a main continent. Islands also hold smaller amounts of people based on its limited supply of land. As a result people who live on these islands are inbreeding at a greater rate. Not to say that people were having relations with their immediate family but easily there distant cousins. Over many years this inbreeding of genetic material would activate many recessive genes. This would account for the distinct look of these people. This bloodline of the Atlantic Isles is very mutagenic indeed. This is also where they get their reptilian genes.
Science has proven that all forms of life are connected on the planet and that old gives way to the new.  Fish are the ancestors of amphibians and amphibians are related to reptiles and reptiles to birds and mammals. Naturally the Mammals have genetic information passed down to them from earlier forms of life. Humans have back bones as a result of a small fish mutating that trait millions of years ago. Virtually no scientist will deny that we have inherited traits from Apes and other primates. From the first single celled organism at the dawn of life on this planet to the supermen of the future, all life is inter-connected. The newest of species build their frames on the foundation of a trillion generations of life before them. Only the strong live when it’s survival of the fittest. 99% of species that have lived on this planet are extinct. This pretty much proves that life will kill its close kin to get more for itself. It’s evolution baby!
Humans actually carry the remnants of their reptilian past within their bodies. The famous R complex also known as the Reptilian Brain is one of the oldest and most central parts to the human brain. It looks amazingly similar to the brain of reptiles. The other parts of the human brain connected to this R-complex were evolved later. This R-Complex is part of humanity’s reptilian heritage. It is believed to originate in mammals in mammal like reptiles millions of years ago. This part of your brain is said to host all of the lower emotions like lusting for power, stealing, controlling, fear, and sexual desire. These urges come from one of the most central parts of the brain, the part that is looking out for number one, the Reptilian Brain. Humans have evolved more advanced features of the brain than our reptile ancestors giving us the ability to love and show kindness but we have our dark side too. It has been proven that all humans have reptilian DNA in them, perhaps some may have a little more than others.   
I believe it possible that through immense amounts of genetic inbreeding that locked away Reptilian Genes could once again be brought to the surface of a human. Many of the traits from this chapter’s trait list like the cervical ribs prove it. Mammals are not associated with cervical ribs, although Reptiles are. Mammals generally have ribs only on their vertebrae that surround their organs. Perhaps the webbed feet and hands of some people have their origins in our even more ancient amphibious past. Perhaps through large amount of genetic inbreeding in the Islands of the Atlantic Ocean recessive traits long stored away became more and more prominent. We do not need lizards from outer space, Hercules having sex with snake women, or the serpent seed of Amalek to have real people with reptilian DNA. We have it all right here on Planet Earth explained in a way that is natural and scientific. No superstition. No double standard. No us and them. We all have it in us.
. Myths and legends tell of mankind having lain with actual serpents to create these people. This was probably just early man’s way of explaining the world around him. Somebody has to explain why Seamus has fangs, a cleft chin, a tail, webbed fingers, and cold blood. In my scientific opinion all mankind is descended from the serpent only in a different kind of way. I have already observed and partook in much suspicion based off of these legends and blood types.  Absolutely no stock should be placed in these ancient stories but the root of this subject should be seriously and honestly studied so everyone can have a better understanding. After all there is a reason and a purpose for the Serpent People just like everything else in the universe! We should explore this subject fearlessly without any bias or pre-conditions. Truth against the world!




  1. This was a great read. I was a little discouraged at the "ching chang ping pong pang" part but still enjoyable and informative.

  2. Imaginative but wrong. The subject of reptilians is much much deeper than this. and they don't make up for any part of the population, they are few and they are in control and you probably would never be able to distinguish them from normal men. Also they are in every race and every country.

  3. Show me your evidence. Rh- blood is in all the nations just like you said. Are you sure I am wrong?

    1. I'm rh negative... My ancestors are West African, Native American, Aztec, and Irish.. there are very few in the world that are the negative and the elite are pure... But it can be in any nation...

  4. Thanks for your excellent articles. They are SO interesting. Are you aware of the "cagots" or "chrestians" in France ? They were blond, blue eyes, and had many of those characteristics you mentioned. They were segregated from society even in the 19th and early 20th century, much like jews. They could heal by magnetism, and they were only allowed to be carpenters of bricklayers. But they managed to reach the highest strata of society. Maybe they were also behind the cathars. And are you aware of C. Scott Littleton et Linda A. Malcor's books "From Scythia to Camelot" ? And are you aware of the aquatic ape theory ?

  5. In the beginning God said let there be light. There was light he separated the light from the dark. He wasn't talking about the sun and the moon. That didn't come up till later. The earth was void and with out form. Void translated back means due to judgements it was destroyed. This refers to the war between lucifer and God's angels. That is what is meant by let there be light. He separated the good and bad. Then he created a new earth to hold the trials. All the good and bad had to be born through woman. Their memories wiped clean from the past. They would be put in situations according to their standings during the war in heaven. Ground rules were set up. Lucifer the serpent (rev. Ch 12) broke the rules and seduced eve. Adam also partook. God scolded the serpent and put emnity between the serpent seed and Adam's and eves seed. Cain killed Able. Cain was kicked out to the land of Knod where he took him a wife. This is the beginning of RH negative blood. It is a high bread bloodline of the serpent. It is the seed line that caused the war in heaven and why we are here today. Rh negative people are not bad. They simply made a mistake in the first earth age. And those living in the last days will be those who were closest to the over throw attempt in the first earth age. RH negative individuals can be possessed easier and guided throughout time into positions to manipulate politics, religion, education for the serpents agenda. Most presidents in the USA are RH negative. The US population in whole is 13% Rh negative. Kenya blacks are .9% Rh negative. The first black president is RH negative like his white Rh negative relatives before him. There is no mutation. It is a genetic high bread blood type. Other than the serpent seed there gas only been one more Rh negative bloodline. This was due to Mary being impregnated with Jesus a high bread blood mix. That bloodline died out from his sacrifice. No children. Eve was known as the mother of all living because through her Mother Mary would be born and Christ through her. They remained pure Rh positive blood with no mix till she was impregnated. Lucifer attempted to ruin the bloodline in the garden and in gen. Ch6. He did not succeed. He will again attempt to use his bloodline to set up his chess pieces in a way on this earth to try to have victory over God. When its all set he will come down on his Vemani (ufo) and heal the deadly wound he caused in the first place with his possessed RH negative chess pieces. He will appear to be the hero and savior to the human race. He will confuse religion with proof of dna that we are related to him. He will deceived 2/3s of the world. His chess pieces are all set up. The only thing you RH negative people should ask yourselves is (will you follow him again) I say don't let him trick you this time. A lot of RH positive people will fall for it to. But be safe and be warned. Don't be on the side once again that was determined to be the dark. Be on the light this time. If you fall for him there will be a time when 2 people will be killed who stand against lucifer. A group who stood with the two who were killed will be arrested. Lucifer will attempt to convert them live on Tv. The whole world will be watching. Interpreters will be interpreting whats being said to all the languages of the world. At one point during the trials, the true God will have the Holy Spirit speak through those who were arrested. The interpreters will not need to interpret because every language will understand whats being said due to this miracle. If you are following lucifer at that point. STOP AND ASK THE TRUE GOD FOR FORGIVENESS IN JESUS NAME because at that time it will coincide with the bodies of the two witnesses who were killed. Their bodies which were left out for the crowd to mock for 3 1/2 days will raise right after the Holy Spirit speaks through those who were arrested.

    1. Very interesting. Please cite your sources for the extra biblical information. I am rh- and can relate to much of what you say. Although saved at 7, I lived like the devil for much of my life. Praise Jesus I am born again and have left that old man behind!

    2. Deep and understood. Thank you for your analogy. It helped me understand and forgive me for past faults. Also helps me be aware and alert of potential demons in the future as a rh negative individual.

  6. This is one of the most incorrect things that I have ever read ever. First thing off:

    "The word Goth is related to the word goat of today. These people called themselves Goats not only because they were goat farmers but because they looked like goats. The Gothic men usually wore long heavy beards and they would wear helmets with horns on them. They often depicted themselves as half-man half-goat centaurs. Thus, they were the Goats."
    The gothic word for goat is *gaits* which of course sounds nothing like what the goths called themselves which is *gutan from gutaniz island a.k.a Gotland from whence the came.

    "It is no doubt that the Caucasians have within them elements of a form of Albinism. Albinism is associated with many eye disorders. Almost always people who suffer from Albinism have very severe vision problems. It seems that vision problems have a high prevalence in Caucasian people. It is not rare in any way for people to need glasses or contacts in European Countries. Perhaps this is another trait of the Serpent People."
    If caucasoids were albinos then none of them would be able to tan, be brown haired, or brown eyed. All of them would have red eyes and whitish hair and go blind and deaf at age 40. The gene responsible for white skin is SLC24a, which has nothing to do with albinism as albinism is the complete absence of pigmentation.

    "The Adder was the symbol of the Druids and the Druids were Adders."
    No the symbol of the druids was the oak tree and the druids were men of high standing whom never once said such a thing.

    "When compared to the teeth of the other major groups of humans the Negroids and Mongoloids, Caucasians have distinct teeth. A trained anthropologist can determine the race of a skeleton just by examining the teeth. Negroids generally have the short and wide teeth with an extra thick layer of enamel. This is because in the Negroids native continent of Africa they were accustomed to eating fruits and vegetables. The Mongoloids generally have wider and shorter teeth than Caucasoids as well. Caucasoid humans have the longest and thinnest teeth. The canine teeth of these people would have appeared very pronounced to other races of the day. The reason for their long thin teeth with pronounced canines was to make chewing meat easier. This paved the way for better digestion of the food they were eating."
    Negroids have wide AND long teeth because they are part gorilla and extremely archaic as a result. Nothing to do with eating vegetables since negroids mostly ate hard grit such as raw grass, bush meat, buffalo carcasses, each other and rotten fruit. Mongoloid teeth are actually the best when it comes to meat eating as they shoveled at the front and flat at the back. Seeing as mongoloids were the ones surviving on an all-meat diet in their epigenesis as a race in the ice age, this makes sense.
    The thinness of caucasoid teeth is caused by millenia of processing soft food like porridge, oatmeal, bread and cake. In addition, caucasoids have the smallest canine teeth of any race.

    This whole post is one incorrect etymology after another wrong connection. It sounds like a cross between an afrocentric and david icke using 2000 year-old roman propaganda for evidence.

  7. You're a nut job. Crackpot Caucasian idiot

  8. You're a nut job. Crackpot Caucasian idiot

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  10. White people... Hybrid monkeys always trying to hide the truth. If you research it you will find out blacks are the serpent people! People like orientals... People of india... Mexico etc are people of the serpent. Notice in early europe they didn't have serpent symbolism! Just stop the bullshit! Most hated the serpent and its people... Hence the devil... Hence the genocide of my people the NAGAS! White are genetically our enemies! Tell me why the hate!? All black peoples of the earth don't like whites! Look at all the people the whites victimized and still to this day continued to do so! Build a wall by mexico... Killing of blacks in america... Diseases in africa... The war in the middle east!

    1. All black peoples of the earth don't like whites? Its people like you that judge based on a shell and not what's on the inside that are perpetuating the cycle of hate.

  11. Many europeans are RH- recessive meaning they have only one Allele of antigen D protein on the end of their blood cells instead of the normal two thus half and half or in the middle. You inherit one ABO blood copy from your mother and one from your father everyone does so you may be O , A or B positive because if yiu have one D antigen you are still legally RH+ but you still carry RH- blood in your veins though. Europeans are about 16% RH- but if you count the hybrids with them then its closer to about 45% Or should i say 1/3! A word to the wise is sufficient.

  12. Replies
    1. Easily amused and gullible, Selina! Are you RH+, too? You can't be an RH- and believe this crap!

  13. Im RH neg and no way snake, goat or otherwise. Ridiculous comparing us to reptiles. You're a RH +. Id bet my life on it! Anyone with limited knowledge says our bloodline just emerged a few thousand years ago and if anything we are EXTRA TERRESTRIAL AND/OR DESCENDANTS OF GOD! Slither along with your BS!

  14. Haha this is some hilarious shit. Why do Caucasoids distort and hide the truth regarding everything. Your whole history is a lie. You were cross bred with the rhesus monkey and reptilian dna. Everything on this planet and universe has melanin except y'all. You try to use all this scientific mumbo jumbo to seem superior or holier than thou. Its the age of enlightenment and ppl are waking up. We know who you are and all the atrocities you have committed on mankind. The hundreds of millions you have killed and slaughtered. Colonization, crusades, man made diseases, nuclear weapons, Monsanto, chemtrails...shall I continue? Ppl of God?? Hahhhaa.. Delusions of grandeur and superiority complex just like your overlords. Karma and divine justice is going to fuck y'all up. Well it already is. Melanoma, birth rate at zero.. Y'all ceasing to exist. Run back in the caves. You're lucky the Moors civilized your neanderthal asses. You rewrote history and lied to the masses with your indoctrinations and fairy tale stories. Caucasoids are only here to cause division confusion and hate. Look what yall did to the native Americans, the aboriginals of Australia, Papua new Guinea, the millions of Africans, the middle east.. Shall I continue??? Take that white Jesus and stick it up your asses.. The gods have returned from Sirius b... Our DNA is waking up and we're remembering who we are. Stop spreading lies and spread love. Nubians have been here for millions of years. You hybrids have been here no longer than 7000 years. Every race on the planet despises you. Y'all evil by nature. Blood drinking, organ stealing pedophiles. Ask your Pope who he bows down and prays to. Stop spreading your misinformation and humble yourselves.

  15. Excellent post, imaginative and we'll thought through however I must say that I'm certain it's much deeper than your excellent input and I must say I see many stereotypical reply feeds in here. Awesome post!

  16. Y'all are feeding each other's hate. Stop!!!!!

  17. Thank you, I have B neg blood and have been researching RH- for years. Your conclusion is exactly what I came up with except my research led me to the Island that sunk and the people fleeing with the RH neg whereas you call them celts